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General Corrugated Box Styles

RSC - (Regular Slotted Carton)

regular-slotted-carton.jpg (73017 bytes)

HSC - (Half Slotted Carton)

hsc-dst.jpg (110047 bytes)

FOL - (Full Overlap Container)

full-overlap.jpg (80584 bytes)

FTC - (Full Telescoping Container)

ftc.jpg (280035 bytes)

OPF - (One Piece Folder)

one-piece-folder.jpg (41233 bytes)

PTC/HSC - (HSC style Partial Telescoping Container)

wpe2.jpg (43804 bytes)

OPT - (One Piece Telescoping)

one-piece-telescope.jpg (87103 bytes)

FPF (Five Panel Folder)

five-panel-folder.jpg (56053 bytes)



Most custom sizes of the following box styles require cutting die tooling.

RETT - (Roll End Tuck Top) Many variations of this box include RETF - (Roll End Tuck Front), RETT/DF - (Roll End Tuck Top w/ Dust Flaps), and ST - (Special Tuck)

tuck-folder.jpg (84088 bytes)

SLT - (Self Locking Tray)

self-locking-tray.jpg (162149 bytes)

Slotted Partitions (No Die Required)

slotted-partition.jpg (63631 bytes)

Scored Pad (No Die Required)

wpe11.jpg (19764 bytes)

Slit Scored Pad (No Die Required)

wpeF.jpg (33180 bytes)

With Die Cutting 

wpe9.jpg (34771 bytes)

Possibilities are endless.

wpe5.jpg (36204 bytes)

wpeB.jpg (35885 bytes) wpeD.jpg (22511 bytes)




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